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Miley Twerks Through Brooklyn


John Seabrook on Miley Cyrus’s “Bangerz” show at the Barclays Center:

“Inane indecencies aside, Cyrus’s show is artfully staged by Diane Martel, who is the late Joe Papp’s niece. She seamlessly blends hip-hop, Surrealism, and ‘Sesame Street’—twerkers mingle with…



Love this! Check out the video for RATKING KRULE’s “So Sick Stories”

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So, there’s a 7-year old kid doing classic rap album covers, portraits (Killa Cam!) and Slayer/Morrisey/Minor Threat covers. In marker. My new hero – Yung Lenox.

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Rappers are supposed to be immune to hate. Even Drake, who is famously unafraid to appear sensitive and vulnerable in his songs, never wavers on this: haters are losers who do not deserve his attention. “Got one reply for all of your comments: fuck what you think,” as he put it on last year’s “Tuscan Leather.”

T-Pain was never very good at being a rapper. He tried to be, when he was just starting out. But, as he told me in a recent interview, he ultimately decided to break into hip-hop as a singer instead. The move worked: T-Pain’s first album, the aptly named “Rappa Ternt Sanga,” released in 2005, made the chubby twenty-year-old from Tallahassee a star.

Before long, he was generating one hit single after another, both on his own and as a featured guest alongside heavyweights like Kanye West, R. Kelly, and E-40. Even at the height of his celebrity, he never acted tough or particularly cool; his trademark accessories were a giant top hat and Oakley sunglasses that made him look like a snowboarder.

Lately, T-Pain has been doing something even more unorthodox in hip-hop: telling sad stories, in public, about what it felt like when everyone, including some of his fellow-artists, started treating him like a joke.

The New Yorker (The Sadness of T-Pain)


The guy behind precisely 80% of Beyonce’s incredible self-titled album is BOOTS, and he’s absolutely blitzing it with release after release. ‘HOWL’, his latest offering, incorporates some pretty neat electronics with a smooth,silky R&B aesthetic.Put that with those lush vocals, and we have a perfect track. This guy’s gonna be huge! Listen up! 


Primetime x Bo

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